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Why Coldwell Banker®?

Watch a brief introduction to the Coldwell Banker brand and get inspired to leave your mark on the world of real estate.


The Coldwell Banker® brand is the North Star of the real estate industry. Guiding people to the homes of their dreams and leading affiliated agents to successful and fulfilling careers is a passion and pursuit we take deep pride in. It's no wonder why Coldwell Banker is #1 in agent trust1.

This commitment to serving our network truly results in your success. And it’s clear to see:



The CBU Learning Center is designed to help agents learn and continue learning throughout their careers. Affiliated agents who took CBU Learning Center courses displayed greater improvement in their business during the 12 months following their coursework than in the 12 months prior. The average improvement over the prior 12 month period was 33% for closed volume and 11% for closed units2.


Brand Power

We have empowered our network to close over 608,000 total U.S. sides and $295 billion in sales volume in 20223.



In 2022, agents and teams that utilized products within our technology suite were 3x more productive4.



In communities all over the world, Coldwell Banker yard signs command their markets and affiliated agents lead standout careers.


1.Coldwell Banker®. / Quester® Real Estate Agent Research, February 2022. 2. Listings taken, closed units, and closed sales volume (collectively, the “Metrics”) were measured during this study. To calculate the results, we took a sample of 4,000 independent sales associates who had been affiliated with the Coldwell Banker® brand for at least a year prior to the study and who participated in CBU Learning Center learning classes and activities between Jan. 2020-Dec. 2021 (the “Sample Pool”) and entered their activities into REScoreboard. All sales associates included in the study completed one or more learning classes, each ranging in duration from a minimum of 3-22 hours. We measured the monthly Metrics generated by the sample pool during the 12 months prior to their taking any Coldwell Banker courses and then measured the monthly Metrics generated during the 12 months after the end date of each affiliated agent’s participation in the learning courses. This was not a controlled study; correlation does not equal causation. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Market conditions may influence results and there is no assurance any Coldwell Banker-affiliated sales associate will achieve the same or similar results. 3.Year-end Coldwell Banker Numbers Based on Coldwell Banker Financial Data as of 12/31/2022. 4.Based on production of agents and teams that performed an action in at least one of the following products in our technology suite between Oct 1, 2021 and Sept 30, 2022: Prospect Square, Listing Concierge, MoxiPresent, HomeSpotter, Exclusive Look, BrandSrv, and Market Quest V2. Results are not guaranteed.

Discover How We Empower You to Succeed in Business and in Life

At Coldwell Banker Ingle Safari Realty, the most important part of our business is our affiliated agents and brokers. In fact, our #1 priority is helping you live an exceptional life. How do we do it? By keeping our most unique and effective offerings sharply focused on the things that drive agent success.

Production Power

We help affiliated agents sell more homes, make more money and work more efficiently.

Coaching to Confidence

We enable affiliated agents to expand their sales and business development through effective education, coaching and support.

Wealth Builder

We offer real financial strategies that affiliated agents can use to grow and protect their personal wealth, now and into the future. We believe your best years are ahead of you.

Culture of Awesomeness

We provide a diverse environment that is collaborative, supportive
and fun. We are a company that inspires pride.

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